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Top 10 Cybersafe tips

Keeping your kids safe online starts with you

1. Many online games have a “chat” function. If you permit your child to chat with opponents, be present to supervise their conversations.

2. To help prevent your kids from viewing inappropriate websites and to set limits on Internet use, install a program like Bell Aliant Parental Control.

3. Supervise your children while online. Put the kids’ computer in a common area of your home, such as the kitchen or family room.

4. Negotiate a contract with your kids outlining the rights and responsibilities of Internet use.

5. Know your children’s login information and e-mail addresses. What user names and avatars do your kids use?

6. Look for signs of cyberbullying, such as your child being upset after using the Internet. Report incidences to their school or police.

7. Ensure your kids only use webcams with people they know. Keep the webcam unplugged or the lens cap on when not in use.

8. Know the features of your video gaming console. Some come with parental controls. Allow only the functions that are right for your family.

9. Know the contact names on your children’s instant messaging lists and set the expectation that you must approve new ones.

10. Explain to your children that once a picture is posted online they have lost control over where or when it may appear on the Internet.

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